Terms & Conditions

The Bread Matters Fungal Network (BMFN) website is owned and managed by Bread Matters Ltd. It is funded (in part) from our sales of Bread Matters Original Sourdough Starter. Membership of BMFN is free of charge.

The purpose of this website is to create a network of, and a forum for, real bread makers who have some connection with Bread Matters and with each other through keeping, using and/or sharing a sourdough starter that is descended from the Bread Matters Original Sourdough Starter.

Bread Matters will keep the website updated (at least quarterly) and will publish content on it that is intended to be edifying and of interest to members. We will sometimes commission content from others, (e.g. bakers, educators and writers) and draw attention to sourdough stories from other countries and food cultures.

From time to time Bread Matters will promote its own services and events such as training and consultancy in community-supported baking or Sourdough Exchanges, as well as its products (Sourdough Starter and bread making equipment).  The purpose of the site is not, however, to sell anything, and we shall keep this activity relevant and unobtrusive.

We will sometimes promote the work of the Real Bread Campaign and other organisations whose values are consonant with ours. The BMNF website will not seek or accept any sponsorship, funding or remuneration from commercial advertising.

Individuals who sign up and join the Bread Matters Fungal Network are, in doing so, indicating their explicit agreement to becoming a member of this network. The Bread Matters Fungal Network is not an association or a members’ organisation and membership of it confers no rights or responsibilities except those conferred by the code of conduct below, agreement to which is a requirement of membership.

1. Bread Matters’ Responsibilities

1.1 Bread Matters holds responsibility for managing and monitoring the website and for ensuring (as far as we are able to do so) that it is not used for any illegal, unethical or malicious purpose.

1.2 We may, from time to time, make a decision to refuse membership or to deny a member access to BMFN website. This is Bread Matters’ prerogative and is not negotiable.

1.3 The settings on BMFN have been created to make the site easily accessible and enjoyable without disclosing personal information or invading members’ privacy.  Any individual will be able to register as a bread maker, a seeker or a sharer.  As the network develops, we may adjust this and other parts of the system.

1.4 Cookies are used on the BMFN site only where they are strictly necessary for the site’s functionality.

1.5 Bread Matters will only express information and opinions that we have carefully considered and hold to be true. We do not give direct advice and do not accept responsibility for any consequences following from the use of information or knowledge from the BMFN website.

1.6 The views of contributors to the forum and those expressed in articles or news items by external authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Bread Matters.

1.7 Bread Matters will not disclose members’ personal information to each other unless it has been made public on the BMFN website by the members themselves.

1.8 Bread Matters will not disclose information to third parties other than making introductions in response to a networking request; for example connecting a seeker with a sharer or introducing a budding baker to some potential work experience.

2. The Code of Conduct for Members

Individuals who join and access the BMFN website are, by doing so, giving their express agreement to abide by the following code of conduct.

2.1 Each member will respect the privacy of every other member and will not use the site to obtain personal information, make unwanted personal contact with other members, or to engage in any harassment, abusive language or behaviour.

2.2 If you upload content (such as images) to BMFN that is covered by intellectual property rights you are specifically giving us permission to reproduce it. Once that content has been shared with others, we take no responsibility for their downloading or subsequent use of it.

2.3 No member will use the BMFN website to trade or to promote the goods and services of any business or enterprise.

Data collected by this site is used to:

a. communicate with members

b. manage members’ links to each other, their contributions to the forum and the operation of the fungal network map

c. administer and enhance the site and service.

Bread Matters Limited is a private Company, limited by shares and registered in Scotland. Its directors are Andrew Whitley and Veronica Burke.

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