Join the Bread Matters Fungal Network

Everyone with a connection to Bread Matters (or about to make one) is welcome to join.

  • you may have recently got hold of a Bread Matters Sourdough Starter (the 10 gram pack)
  • you may have been on a Bread Matters course or bought the Bread Matters book with a starter inside
  • you may have received some established starter from someone who’s already in the Fungal Network
  • or you may want to find someone near you who’s willing to share some starter with you

The idea is that everyone in this network is genuinely linked by contact with the Bread Matters sourdough, however distantly. That sourdough will naturally evolve as it is refreshed and used in thousands of different places with hundreds of different flours. But something of the original culture will remain to create a sense of real connection between people who enjoy making bread simply and slowly and who from time to time may come together to share skills, learn something and spread the word about the joy that’s to be had from making and eating properly fermented bread.


Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to

  • put yourself on the map as a sharer, a seeker or a bread maker (you can be more than one of these at once)
  • post messages on the Fungal Network Forum
  • receive newsletters and notice of special sourdough-related happenings

Come on in and get started!


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  • Seeker (I’m keen to get hold of some sourdough starter)
  • Sharer (I’ve got some Bread Matters sourdough and am happy to pass it on)
  • Bread maker (I make bread with this sourdough)

(If you are a bread maker and a sharer, please tick both.)