The Fungal Network* is a meeting place for the community of sourdough bread makers (and eaters) whose response to pappy, additive-ridden industrial loaves is to take matters into their own hands. The result – healthier, happier people and progress towards a less processed world.

What exactly is sourdough?

It’s a spontaneous fermentation of dough by yeasts and bacteria that are present in the flour. Sourdough is simple. It’s the way all bread was made before packet yeast appeared. Now it’s at the cutting edge of good food.

Sourdough is fascinating and it also happens to be the most economical bread – needing just flour, water, salt and time. It ferments while you sleep, work or play – so it’s easy to fit into a busy life. And the evidence is stacking up that it makes the most nutritious and digestible bread possible.

Sourdough can transform the quality of everyone’s bread and we want to spread it as widely as possible. Join us – and help ferment a revolution.

hands on dough B for C



*The Fungal Network is convened by Bread Matters and is funded from the sale of Sourdough Starter.